Friday, June 24, 2011

DevTnT Relaunch (aka DevTnT v2)


It’s been a long time since our last activities on DevTnT (short for Developer Tips and Tricks).

Fortunately, we relaunched both the company-internal event and this blog.

A ramp up regarding the DevTnT event

DevTnT is short for Developer Tips and Tricks. First and foremost it is one of the formats to spread knowledge within our company (TechTalk). Despite all other formats we live (such as developer meetings, pizza talks, breakfasts and demos on special topics), DevTnT works somewhat different:

  • It focuses on the little things, not broad concepts
  • It is low-ceremony, highly focused and short (15 minutes)
  • It utilizes on an absolutely stable cadence (every two weeks on a Friday at the same time just before lunch)
  • It is an open format, where everybody is invited to contribute
  • It explicitly targets all dev-staff (developers and architects)

For more information about the format and the ideas behind, refer to my introductory post.

This blog

Since the explicit focus of the DevTnT are the little things, even in 15 minutes a group of experienced professionals may gather an overwhelming amount of little bits and pieces. Therefore, from the beginning on, it was clear to provide some open format for documentation these little blooms. We decided to try utilizing a blog for that purpose.

On the first season, we used the blog “From The Life Of A Developing Developer” ( I registered that blog several years ago, but did not use it before DevTnT. Since I want to start over with that as a personal blog, we decided to move all DevTnT-related stuff to this new blog ( All the original DevTnT-posts on that other blog will depricate on devingdever.

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