Sunday, July 5, 2009

DevTnT 8 - Tools: TotalCommander

If you're sick of the usual Windows-Explorer and want to try smth new, and in my Opinion smth improved, I would suggest to give TotalCommander a try.

Most of you will recognize the UI of this Tool from way back: like NortonCommander or MidnightCommander but TotalCommander is a really well done Port for the Windows-World and was already available in the Win3.11 times: and this is actually the one and only weakness: it looks rather old :)

Compared to its advantages, you might forget the Surface:
  • TabStructure: you can save your most used places as tabs and get them everytime the TC starts (lazy loaded for network/external devicec)
  • Splitted Screen to work with 2 folders in parallel
  • Queued copy/move for Files: no more blocking/slowing down parallel copyjobs (esp. for network transfers!)
  • Custom Fileassociations besides "open"
  • Integrated FTP/WEBDav: no use for special FTP-Software
  • Copying fully qualified filenames in the clipboard
  • Integrated RAR/ZIP handler
  • A large repository of plugins (Filesystems, Tools, etc.)
  • Showing all files in Subfolders
  • MultifileSelection via Wildcards/Regex
  • Multirenaming via Wildcards/Regex and common statements (Date, etc.)
  • Folder Synchronization
  • Commandline in the active Folder
  • File Splitting/Encoding/Hashing
  • fully customizable hotkeys
  • and a lot more!
The TC is a Shareware-Tool which is fully functional in the free Version and costs 26€ licenced.

Note: if you want to use it in an 64bit environment, I would suggest to try the current betaversion (7.50 beta6)

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