Sunday, June 21, 2009

DevTnt 3 - File Comparer Tools 2 - BeyondCompare

Here at last the promised post on BeyondCompare.

Pricing: $30 Standard Edition / $50 Pro Edition


  • Compares directory structures (also over FTP) using powerful filtering options

  • Compares text files ignoring unimportant differences (configurable)

  • Compares text files exactly differently coloring important/unimportant differences

  • Compares pictures

  • Compares version information of executable files

  • Also compares binary files in HEX view.
  • Additional file formats for download include HTML tables, HTML tidied, XML tidied, XML tidied with attributes sorted, INI files sorted, text content of Word, Excel and Powerpoint, ...
  • Able to save comparison sessions


  • Costs some money - but not that much
  • Need some time to find and use all the features

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