Friday, March 20, 2009

Dev TnT - It's About Your Knowledge!

At the company I am working at (TechTalk) we are about 40 Developers with a broad band of knowledge, skills and interests. Several efforts to spread knowledge about development skills, know how about upcoming technologies and alike exist within the company. Especially, every now and then we have internal Developer Meetings and budget for external trainings as well.

But, what there is still missing is a somewhat "little form" of knowledge transfer where all of us can contribute, from the just hired juniors to our experienced veterans.

So, Dodo, a fellow colleague, and me are proud to announce Dev TnT (short for "Developer Tips and Tricks").

Dev TnT - The Vision

What's our vision about it?
  • Raise the efficiency of our coding
  • Have even more fun (and comfort) while working
  • Provide a pool for a all the little bits and pieces of tips and tricks that make our work more comfortable
  • No barrier for contribution, every little tip is explicitly welcome!
    Got a cool shortcut for Visual Studio? - You're our man (or girl - welcome Margit!)!
  • Cultivate that we all can learn from each other. Learning is no one-way road.

How will it work?
  • Takes place every second Friday, starting with March 27th, 2009
  • Duration exactly from 11:45-12:00
    We will not wait on anyone or anything - no video conferencing :)
  • Attentendance is voluntary
  • Results are blogged immediately (on this one or on any contributors own blog)

What you can rely on:
  • It will take place
  • You are welcome
  • It will be on time
  • Every contribution is welcome
  • It's about your knowledge

So, fellow Techies, check out DevTnT 1 coming up next Friday (March, 27th)!

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